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Jump Ahead L3C was created to empower and educate the young adults in the Grand Rapids, MI area. We hope to accomplish this by opening a community center that provides extracurricular activities, hosts workshops and facilitates beneficial conversations. The City of Grand Rapids SAFE Task Force gave us a grant to get started, so you know that our idea is worth contributing to.

Are you curious about how to get involved? You can help us continue to make progress by donating, purchasing merchandise or spreading the word. Reach out to us today to learn more about our cause. We can't wait to open our doors to any kids who are interested.

Why should you support Jump Ahead L3C?

By supporting our cause, you're really supporting the young adults in your neighborhood. Your time or donations will ultimately help them:

  • Ignite new passions
  • Develop better social skills
  • Open up new opportunities
  • Prepare for real-life challenges
  • Learn practical and hands-on lessons

The healthy outlets and interactions we provide could change the lives of the kids involved. When the youth and future leaders of our community benefit, we all benefit. Call us now at 616-278-2922 to learn more about our mission and progress.