Let's Build A Community Center Together

Learn about our goals and plans

Do you wish the young adults in your community had a safe place to focus their energy and pursue their passions? That's exactly what Jump Ahead L3C is striving to create by starting a community center in Grand Rapids, MI. We want to host workshops, court sports and other enriching activities.

We are currently in the process of purchasing and remodeling a local high school to transform it into our community center. Donate today to help make our vision a reality.

Our plans for the community center

Our overarching goal is to help the kids that come to us prepare for their futures and express themselves in a healthy way. We hope to offer access to entertaining and educational facilities like:

  • Green rooms
  • Practice kitchens
  • Recording studios
  • E-Sports
  • Barber Shop/Salon
  • Service Learning
  • 3D Printing
  • Fitness Room
  • Content Creation Room

You can support us by donating or volunteering. Call us now at 616-819-8302 to learn more about how to get involved.